Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garlic Basil Compound Butter

Compound butter is one of those things that always confounded me. I thought that it would require, I don't know, churning butter. While I'm all about making my own things, churning butter isn't one I quite have room for in my tiny kitchen. But, turns out, compound butter simply means let butter come to a room temp and mix things in it. Then put it back in the fridge, let it all meld together, and boom. Compound butter.

So I decided to make my own compound butter to go with a soft shell crab dish. I paired garlic with basil and decided that it would be a perfect complement to the dish. But you could use this with anything. It would be good with fish, chicken, or even just as a spread on bread. You can change what you make with the butter.

8 T butter - use good quality butter
8 garlic cloves
4 T chopped basil
1/2 t pepper

Let the butter come to room temperature. This can take up to an hour.

Mince the garlic well or use a garlic press. It should be very finely minced. Chop the basil and combine with the garlic.

Combine with the butter and the pepper.

Put the butter either in a container or wrapped in parchment paper. Put back into the fridge and let it harden back up. This could take upwards of another hour. And then it's all set!

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