Monday, November 12, 2012

Sausage and Mushroom Calzones

When I was in college, I worked for a couple years at this bar on campus. Okay, not a bar on campus, the only bar on campus. And while it was a fun bar to go to (once you were 21...for real, there was a list of students who were 21 and you had to be on it to get in - small school) the highlight for many people was the food.

Now you could get any type of bar food. Pizzas, buffalo chicken fingers (OHMYGODSOGOODIWANTNOW), and one of the better highlights, the calzones. Now calzones are funny to me. Sauceless pizza pockets. It's like a fancy Italian hot pocket. These calzones though were ENORMOUS. Like, only if I was super drunk could I eat the whole thing big (don't judge). But having a hot calzone and dipping the slices into marinara sauce brings me straight back to Kenyon.

So this weekend I decided to replicate the calzone goodness. But I decided to make them a bit more reasonably sized. I had intended for them to be "mini" but they're more like "reasonable for 1 person" size. Unless, of course, you're my husband and eat 1 and a half. I also made them more "healthy" - aka chicken and turkey sausage rather than full fat delicious pork sausage.

Turns out with the help of Whole Foods pizza dough (for real peeps, this stuff is awesome and unlike frozen dough requires very little foresight or planning) these suckers are easy. If you're an overachiever, you can make your own pizza dough. Truth be told if I had thought of this recipe more than an hour before I planned to start cooking, I would have made my own. But I am a terrible terrible planner.

You can use this recipe to stuff whatever you want into the calzones. I had planned on making some sweet ones with apple, cinnamon, sugar and marscarpone. But I was too full after we had our first round of calzones. So I'll have to figure out what to do with all that marscarpone.... Maybe it can be incorporated into a Thanksgiving desert hah!

So enjoy these calzones. These would be an awesome family night dinner, as you can pick and choose what to put in the 'zones.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Shrimp Rolls

Sometimes when I make food for football weekends, it's about this time of year that the food selection become monotonous. Chili, wings, repeat. So this weekend I decided that mix it up. No chili, I say! Nay! We shall have something different!

However, I was also in a lazy mood. Heavy cooking all day long for a noon Michigan game? Uh no. So I poked through my freezer and fridge and thought about what I could make with the ingredients that I have already. 

And then I came across the shrimp. I had bought frozen pre-cooked shrimp a while ago and hadn't used them yet. Then it came to me. Why not make shrimp rolls, like lobster rolls? I've made lobster rolls plenty of times, and have always seen shrimp rolls on menus, but hadn't eaten them that much. But I figured hey, how different from lobster rolls can they be?

Well the adventure in shrimp rolls was a success. Brett declared that he liked these better than any of the lobster rolls I've made. It's a simple mix of mayo, greek yogurt, chives, celery, shrimp and some spices. And made into little mini rolls but cutting the hot dog buns in half, it's a perfect grab and go dish to serve to the masses.